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Power of Attorney - Company


This POA is drafted for a company (the security provider) to appoint an attorney (the lender) for the purpose of enforcing the security.

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The document should be signed by the authorised signatory (or directors of a company) and witnessed to complete the formality.

Document Preview

Document Description

This document is a Power of Attorney - Company, which is used to appoint an attorney to act on behalf of the company and perform certain acts and execute documents. The importance of this document lies in its ability to provide legal authority to the appointed attorney to act on behalf of the company in various matters.


The document starts with an introduction, stating that it is a power of attorney made by the company. It appoints the attorney(s) to act on behalf of the company and gives them the authority to do all acts and things and execute documents as necessary. The document also mentions that this appointment is made as a security measure for the performance of the company's obligations under an agreement.


The document contains several sections, each serving a specific purpose. The interpretation section clarifies the meaning of certain terms used in the document. The appointment section states that the company appoints the attorney as its true and lawful attorney with full power to perform the secured obligations. It also mentions that the attorney may appoint a substitute or delegate powers to an agent, subject to certain conditions.


The indemnity and ratification section states that the company undertakes to indemnify the attorney and confirms its ratification and confirmation of the attorney's actions. The event of default section specifies that the attorney can exercise the powers conferred by the document only after an event of default has occurred and is continuing. The miscellaneous section includes provisions for the company's ratification and confirmation of the attorney's actions and states that the document is governed by the laws of a specific jurisdiction.


In summary, this Power of Attorney - Company document is important as it grants legal authority to an attorney to act on behalf of the company. It contains various sections that provide detailed instructions and conditions for the attorney's appointment and exercise of powers. It also includes provisions for indemnity, ratification, and governing laws.

How to use this document?

To use this Power of Attorney - Company document, follow these steps:


1. Read the document carefully to understand its purpose and implications.

2. Identify the parties involved: the company and the attorney.

3. Fill in the necessary information in the document, such as the names and addresses of the parties.

4. Ensure that the document is executed properly, with signatures from the company and witnesses.

5. If applicable, specify any substitutes or agents appointed by the attorney.

6. Understand the conditions for the exercise of powers by the attorney, such as the occurrence of an event of default.

7. Keep a copy of the executed document for record-keeping purposes.

8. Ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction mentioned in the document.


Please note that this guidance provides a general overview of using the document. It is important to consult with legal professionals or seek appropriate advice to ensure compliance with specific legal requirements and to address any unique circumstances or concerns.

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