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Internship Completion Certificate

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This document can be used as an internship completion letter/internship completion certificate, it can be used for the Employer's reference for the completion of Internship for a particular candidate / graduate. This is drafted from the perspective of the employer.

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Document Preview

Document Description

An Internship Completion Letter is an official document issued by an employer to confirm that an individual has successfully completed an internship with a company. This letter serves as a formal acknowledgment of the intern's contributions, duration of the internship, and overall performance.

The Internship Completion Certificate confirms the completion of an internship by a specific individual. It serves as a formal acknowledgment of the intern's successful completion of their internship program. 

Internship Completion Certificate includes:

1. Intern's Details:

Full name, surname, and relevant personal details of the intern.
2. Company Information:

Company name and address, specifying the location where the internship took place.
3. Internship Details:

Start and end dates of the internship.
Department in which the intern worked.
Reporting supervisor's name.

Depending on the intern's performance, the document includes different statements. If the performance was good, it highlights the intern's dedication, diligence, good judgment, maturity, and teamwork. On the other hand, if the performance was satisfactory, it acknowledges the intern's dedication, diligence, and satisfactory standard of work, emphasizing their valuable contribution to the team.

4. Intern's Attendance and Work Schedule:

Number of days per week the intern attended.
Daily working hours and any specific workdays.

5. Performance Evaluation:

Assessment of the intern's performance, including strengths and areas of commendation.
Mention of qualities such as dedication, diligence, judgment, teamwork, and a willingness to learn.

6. Best Wishes:

Expressing well wishes for the intern's future endeavors and career.

An Internship Completion Letter is used upon Internship Completion:

It is important because:

Formal Recognition:

Provides formal recognition for the intern's dedication and hard work.

Serves as a documented proof of the completed internship for the intern's records.
Career Advancement:

Can be beneficial for the intern's future job applications and career advancement.
Positive Closure:

Offers a positive and professional closure to the internship experience.
Feedback and Reflection:

Provides constructive feedback, allowing the intern to reflect on their performance and areas for improvement.

In conclusion, an Internship Completion Letter is a valuable document that not only acknowledges an individual's successful completion of an internship but also serves as a testament to their skills and contributions to the company.

How to use this document?


1. Enter the necessary information: Fill in the account job company's information, including their address in a single line format.

2. Address the recipient: If you know the recipient, address them by their first and last name. If the recipient is unknown, use the phrase 'to whom it may concern'.

3. Specify the current date: Enter the date on which the document is being issued.

4. Introduce the intern: If you know the intern's first name, address them by their first name. Otherwise, use the phrase 'dear sir / madam'.

5. Provide details about the internship: Mention the intern's full name, the department they worked in, and the supervisor they reported to.

6. State the start date and duration: Specify the date on which the intern started their internship and the number of months it lasted.

7. Describe the intern's performance: Depending on their performance, mention their dedication, diligence, good judgment, maturity, teamwork, or satisfactory standard of work.

8. Convey well wishes: Wish the intern the best in their future career.

9. Sign the document: Sign the document with the account first name and last name, along with their job title and the name of the account job company.

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