Introduction / Reference

A. Letter of Introduction

A letter of introduction is written to introduce an employee/associate to another to establish a business relationship. There are some elements one should include in a letter of introduction:

1. the relationship between the introducer and the introduced;

2. the reason for the introduction; and

3. what the introduced can do for the other.

As with most other letters, the letter of introduction should be drafted in a courteous and polite manner.  It can also serve as a reference for a person or a request for something to be done. A complimentary remark about the person's background or distinction is a nice gesture and can make the introduction more persuasive.

B. Reference Letter

A reference letter is simply a report (supposedly neutral) verifying the employment history in the CV for prospective employers. It generally includes facts and not personal opinions. It is brief and should include the following:

1. a statement to the addressee (or "To whom it may concern") on the purpose of the reference;

2. the period of employment of the referee, with an account of the duties performed, or the referee's general qualifications.

C. Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is similar to a reference letter but carries an endorsement of the referee. It may include personal opinions on the referee and is intended to persuade the prospective employer about the ability, skills, or character of the employee. In addition to the above, a recommendation letter would also include a  paragraph recommending the person for the position.


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