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Director's Loan

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Director disclosing / declaring his / her interests in a loan to the board of directors. This also serves as a notice to board meeting. The person giving the loan hereby gives notice that they are to be regarded as being interested in a loan of a stipulated amount which they shall lend to the Company for the identified purpose of funding its working capital (“Loan”) on the following terms: The Loan shall be documented by a loan agreement between myself and the Company (“Loan Agreement”); The interest rate of the Loan shall be of a specified per cent. per annum; and The Loan shall be repaid on the date falling a specified number of years from the date of the Loan Agreement. This letter shall constitute notice to disclose the material interest of a director under the Constitution of the Company. They propose that a meeting of directors be held to consider this issue on an identified date.

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Corporate / resolution / minutes


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director's loan




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