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Letter to Bank

Business Loan Application

An application letter to bank applying for a loan for starting up a new business.

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Document Preview

Document Description

An application letter to a bank applying for a loan for starting up a new business.

We enclosed a copy of our business plan for your review. We are seeing more and more [demand from our customers in this area]. With the loan [(plus the additional capital of [amount] we are going to put up)], we will be able to [upgrade our facility / add a new sales point / increase our production] to meet that increase in demand.

How to use this Document?

This is a standard application Letter to the Bank applying for a loan for starting up a new business, in favour of the company itself. 

Details should be included. This should include account information, company, currency, amount of loan, guarantor, and purpose of business. 

Once the bank agrees to provide a loan or requires more information on the loan application, they should contact the company by email or phone. 


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