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Reference / Recommendation Letter for Funding Application

Reference Letter to Angel Investor

This document can be used as a template for a reference letter from friend / acquaintance providing a good reference - highly recommending him / her to the angel investor.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Reference / Recommendation Letter for Funding Application' is an important document that serves as a reference or recommendation for a funding application. It is used to provide information about an individual or a company to support their request for funding. The document begins with the sender's account information, including their job title and company address. It then addresses the recipient, either by their first name or as 'to whom it may concern.' The current date is also included.


The detailed description of the individual or company being recommended is provided in the body of the letter. It mentions the person's name and their company name, along with the year in which the company was started. The letter highlights the positive qualities and skills of the individual, such as being responsible, proactive, organized, and having good judgment. It also mentions their ability to handle assignments and deadlines with dedication and common sense. The person is described as a dependable team player, willing to learn, and having a proven leadership record. The letter emphasizes their integrity, positive working attitude, and pleasant demeanor.


The letter then briefly introduces the sender's company, providing some background information. It states that the recommended company has a promising future and expresses no hesitation in recommending it for investment. The letter concludes with the sender's account information, including their first and last name, job title, and a closing signature.


Overall, this document serves as a detailed reference or recommendation letter for a funding application, highlighting the importance and positive qualities of the individual or company being recommended.

How to use this document?

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