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Complaint Letter to Bank

Money Scam

Report unauthorized transactions with this template. Act promptly for reversal of fraudulent charges on cards, bank accounts, or wire transfers.

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Document Description

In the fast-paced digital age, financial transactions are susceptible to unauthorized activities. This document serves as a comprehensive template for individuals encountering unauthorized transactions, providing guidance on how to reclaim funds swiftly and efficiently.

When unauthorized charges appear on credit cards or debit cards, this template guides users to communicate effectively with the respective financial institution. It emphasizes the importance of promptly reporting fraudulent transactions, outlining the necessary details such as transaction date, amount, and any relevant information. By following the template, individuals can articulate their concerns clearly, enhancing the chances of a successful investigation and a swift reversal of the unauthorized charge.

For those who have experienced unauthorized withdrawals or debits from their bank accounts, the document provides a structured approach to alerting the bank and requesting the reversal of the transaction. It underscores the significance of acting swiftly to mitigate potential financial losses, ensuring that individuals regain control of their accounts.

For individuals who have fallen victim to fraudulent wire transfers through services like Western Union or MoneyGram, the template provides a framework for contacting the wire transfer company. It advises users on the necessary steps to report the fraudulent transfer and request a reversal, helping to recover the transferred funds.

The document's significance lies in its ability to empower individuals facing unauthorized transactions, providing them with a structured means to communicate with financial institutions and companies. Acting as a guide, it ensures that users include crucial information, increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution. This template is vital for anyone seeking to reclaim their financial security and reverse unauthorized transactions promptly.


How to use this Document? 


This document can be used to request immediate action from the Bank when the sender has discovered the scam after wiring money.

This Complaint Letter should be used when filing a formal report to the Bank to alert them of the illegal and criminal behaviour of the scammer and fraudster.

Documents to prove that the money has actually been transferred.

Evidence, including emails, correspondence, screenshots, pictures and videos, should be provided in the letter to prove the aforementioned situation.



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