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Request / Demand for Apology

Defamatory Comment

A demand for public apology and retraction of defamation of character / defamatory comments, threatening to take legal action.

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Document Description

A demand for a public apology and retraction of defamatory comments or face legal action.

It addresses the malicious, unsubstantiated and untrue defamatory comment made about the company/product/service/person's character and that has damaged their reputation.

How to use this Document?

This demand for apology letter may be used by the sender upon being subject to defamatory comments made by another party if the defamation has caused third parties to have bad opinions on the sender.

The template may be used to address the offender to retract the defamatory comment by issuing a public apology and clarification to that effect.

This demand/request for apology letter should be sent to the offender before pursuing any legal action against them. 


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