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Date published: 19 Oct 2019
by DocPro Legal
Last Update: 19 Oct 2020

We are , our Mission is to "Democratise Documentation" -  providing individuals and businesses globally with access to quality and affordable documents.

We all love our family.  Loving family includes reducing their mental and financial stress and emotional turmoil when we die (or lose our capacity).  There are 3 essential documents you need to protect your family and give them peace of mind:




1. Will - A Will ensures that your property will go to the people you choose. If you own a business, a Will can help ensure its smooth transition.  If you have children, you should make a Will to ensure that your children's legal guardian is someone you trust.  In most jurisdictions, a Will needs to be witnessed by two adults with no interest in the estate. 

2. Advance Directive - Advance Directives tell people how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill and unable to communicate. In many jurisdictions, it must be witnessed by a medical practitioner and people who are not beneficiaries to the Will.

3. Enduring / Lasting / Continuing / Durable Power of Attorney - An Enduring / Lasting / Continuing / Durable Power of Attorney means you appoint an attorney to make financial, medical, health and care decisions for you, in case you become incapacitated or lack the mental capacity to make decisions. In some jurisdictions, it is required to be witnessed by a medical practitioner and a solicitor and registered.

We are creating an easy to use App where people can make their own Will, Advance Directive, Enduring / Lasting / Continuing / Durable Power of Attorney with step by step instructions and explanation online for free.


We plan to commence developent App for Stage One in 2020 one jurisdiction at a time. Should you wish to support our effort, please go to:

Together we can help people from around the world give their families peace of mind. Thank you and please share this with everyone you know! 
"Democratise Documentation"


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