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Reply to Complaint on Nuisance Letter

Reply to Complaint on Nuisance Letter


Reply and defence to nuisance letter - the accused writes to respond to a nuisance complaint letter claiming that his / her action has not resulted in a nuisance.

This reply and defence letter serves as a response to a nuisance letter. Through the letter, the accused claims that the complainant is not entitled to make the nuisance (eg sound, smell noise) claim whether alleged or at all. The accused also submits that the alleged nuisance was not so substantial or unreasonable to constitute a nuisance. The accused may also state that reasonable measures have also been taken to reduce the alleged nuisance and therefore rejects the claim that there has been a nuisance. The aim of the letter is to defend the user against the nuisance claim made by the complainant. 

How to use this Document?

This letter should be addressed to the original complainant who sent the nuisance letter as a response. It allows the user to clarify the fact that there has not been a nuisance and additionally, that reasonable measures were, in fact, taken. As such, any losses suffered by the alleged nuisance was not caused by the user and asks the complainant to direct the nuisance to the proper party. 

Users are advised to send this letter of complaint as soon as possible so that the complainant is made aware earlier. Users are strongly encouraged to include any relevant documents to support their case (such as any receipts, photos). 

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?

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