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Complaint Letter to Housing Estate Management Office

Complaint Letter to Housing Estate Management Office

Breach of Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) - Pets

A complaint letter to the management office of a housing estate on breach of Mutual Covenant (DMC) and demanding immediate action for ratification.

The owner noticed estate residents walking dogs in the common area. The presence of these animals in the estate is causing noise nuisance (dog's barking) to the other estate residents and also hygiene issue (fouling of common area with faeces) to the estate.

It is specifically stated in the DMC that keeping pets in this housing estate is prohibited. The pet owners are clearly in breach of the DMC. This letter serves as a formal complaint to the management office on this matter.

How to use this Document?

This complaint letter to School about bullying should be carefully read by the Management Office and the Complainant

This complaint letter to the management office of a housing estate may be used upon an owner noticing hygiene issues and noise nuisances relating to dogs in the common area of the estate. 

Hence, this document may be used to alert the management office of the breach of the DMC.  

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Deed of Mutual Covenant, DMC
breach of DMC
immediate action

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