Pet Animal - Dog / Cat

A. Complaint to Housing Management Authority

Some neighbours who own pet animals like dogs or cats are ignorant of the cleanliness and peace of the society and neighbourhood. This section provides a format whereby a complaint with the society or housing estate management can be filed for the noise pollution (due to excessive barking, etc.) and hygiene issues that arise due to these pet owners walking their pet animals in or around the neighbourhood. Ideally, pet owners are allowed to take their pets for a walk around the neighbourhood, but at the same time, they are also under the obligation to clean up after their pets. This is done so that a clean environment is maintained for the rest of the neighbourhood residents. A complaint letter to the management office of a housing estate may be made, on breach of Mutual Covenant (DMC) and demanding immediate action for ratification. Such a complaint can be made if pets are kept on the housing estate without the permission of the owner, or if the presence of these animals in the estate is causing noise nuisance (dog's barking) to the other estate residents and also hygiene issues (fouling of common area with feces) to the estate. The pet owners are in breach of the DMC when they keep unauthorised pets, or do not clean after the pets, thereby creating a nuisance. This letter serves as a formal complaint to the management office on this matter.

B. Dog Walking Agreement

Often pet owners are unable to take their pets for regular walks at least once or twice a day due to their extremely busy work schedules. Due to this, such pet owners often enter into short-term contracts with others to take their pets for daily walks. Such an agreement generally provides:

1. the daily schedule when the pet is to be taken for a walk.

2. duties of a dog walker:

     (a) cleaning after the pet,

     (b) ensuring the safety and security of the pet

      (c) and a minimum duration of walk per day that is required to be completed.

3. remuneration that is to be paid to the dog walker, for the provision of such services. 


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