Statement / Letter of Wishes

Medical and Care

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Statement / letter of wishes to provide general guidance to the carer and set out any preferences on medical and end of term care. Whilst this may not be legally binding, carer will generally try to fulfil such wishes.

The Donor makes this statement to supersedes and revokes entirely any previous letter / statement that he / she may have prepared in relation to my will. The statement can include items such as religious belief, end of life care, preferences and other practical issues.

Religious Beliefs

I would like my carer to respect my religious belief, which is [RELIGION]

End of Term Care

In the event of end of term care, I would like to be care for .


I have the following preferences in relation to my care:

Practical Issues

I would like the following practical issues to be taken care of:

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Declaration / announcement / notice / press release


Personal > Family / Personal Relationship > Will and Probate


statement of wishes


letter of wishes






end of term




nursing home








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