Love and Marriage

A. How to write a Love Letter?

Whether you want to express your love to a particular person or reiterate your love to your partner, language is a very powerful tool. Writing love letters has always been a romantic gesture, but in today's e-mail, social media, and other non-personal communication eras, love letters appear more special. The problem is that most people are not as eloquent as they hope when writing with a pen.

Here are some guidelines for writing a love letter:

1. Tailor the Letter to your Partner

The content of your love letter needs to be meaningful to your partner. It is no good to copy and paste the most beautiful poem if it is not relevant or special to your partner. It is no different than buying a pre-printed card and signing your name on it. You should include details between the two of you and the message must come from your heart. You can download some templates and suggested wordings from DocPro but you should always try and tailor them to your situation.

2. Handwritten 

Handwritten letters will stand the test of time more than sending text messages (everything is gone after the phone or computer is replaced). It is also more sincere (even if it is really a cut and paste job, at least you have made an effort to copy it in nice handwriting) than having a computer print out. Obviously, it is better to prepare the draft on a computer first before copying it to nice stationery to keep it neat.

3. Explain why you are Writing the Letter

First, greet your partner affectionately. Then in the introduction, explain why you wrote this letter. Is it for an anniversary or valentine's? Or do you just miss him/her in a long-distance relationship?

4. Describe your Love and Feeling

When describing your love and your feelings in the body of the letter. It's important to be yourself. Use your style (humour, sentimental, etc.) to speak your voice from your heart. If you have known the person for a while, you can allude to some common memories. Be specific and describe the most beautiful memories you have with your partner. You can also describe what you like about your partner, whether it is the appearance, the character, or the positive energy. Praise your partner repeatedly and how he/she has enriched your life. You may also want to include a gift to show your appreciation. 

5. Future Plans

You can conclude the letter with a vision of the future. Imagine or suggest some future plans with your partner together (especially in a long-term relationship). End it with a romantic signature and lots of love.

B. How to Write Wedding Vows?

As with love letters, good wedding vows are written from the heart. There are many templates you can choose from DocPro, but you should pick and choose the vows that apply to your situation. The flexibility of what the wedding vows say also depends on the form of the wedding, if it is a religious wedding, then there may not be a lot of flexibility in your choice of words.

1. Describe your Partner

Describe your partner and your relationship with him. Is he/she a life partner, a soul mate, or everything in the world to you? 

2. Remember to Express your Love

Continue to express your love for your partner. What about the person who made you promise forever? When did you realize that you were in love? When you are not together, what do you miss?  Be sure to say "I love you". Bring love to life with a story. It is much more interesting for your friends or family members to hear your quirks and personal experiences.

3. State the Commitments

The wedding vows are not something to be taken lightly. They are formal promises or commitments to be made in front of your friends and relatives under oath. Express your commitments, love, and dedication with romantic wedding vows that are specific to the two of you.

4. Express your Support

Reassure your partner when encountering difficulties, you will be there to support regardless of difficulties. Most traditional wedding vows to revolve around sickness and health, good times and bad times, rich or poor. Acknowledge that you need support from each other.

5. Future Goals and Aspirations

End your oath with a vision of the future. Think about your goals, ambitions, and future together.  How will your love set the tone for your family life? What do you expect to share with your partner going forward?


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