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Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement

Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement

Trade Mark - Coexistence

Settlement Agreement between 2 companies in regards to the use of trademarks owned by the first company.

Both companies agree that their respective trademarks can co-exist and have agreed to settle the Proceedings and Oppositions with the terms of this Agreement. Both companies have agreed to amend their application for registration of the trademarks, not to oppose or cancel or challenge the first company's existing or any future applications or registrations or use of its trademarks. The first party once receiving evidence of the second company's compliance will withdraw its oppositions and discontinue the proceedings.

How to use this Document?


If a settlement agreement is needed to be made between two companies regarding the use of trademarks owned by the first company, this settlement agreement template may be used.

This document may be used to address the second company’s agreement to certain conditions in return for the owner withdrawing its opposition to the application for pending similar trademarks by the second company.


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