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Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement

Copyright Infringement - Artistic Works

Full and Final Settlement agreement made between the beneficial owner of the copyright in original artistic works and the a party who has allegedly infringed the copyright and/or has been passing off of the copyrighted works.

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Document Description

The 'Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement' is a legal document that serves as a settlement agreement between two parties, namely the 'Owner' and the 'Infringer'. The document begins with a brief introduction, stating the purpose and date of the agreement. The recitals section provides background information, highlighting the business activities of both parties and the existence of copyright works owned by the Owner.


The agreement consists of several clauses, each addressing specific aspects of the settlement. Clause 1 acknowledges the ownership of copyright works by the Owner and admits that the actions of the Infringer constitute copyright infringement and passing off. Clause 2 outlines the undertakings and confirmations required from the Infringer, including ceasing any dealings with the infringing works, removing them from the market, and delivering them to the Owner. The Infringer is also obligated to disclose information about the infringing works and cooperate with the Owner in any legal proceedings.


Clause 3 states that the settlement agreement is the full and final settlement of all claims and disputes related to the infringement of the copyright works. Clause 4 allows the Owner to waive claims for damages upon the Infringer's full compliance with the agreement. Clause 5 specifies the effective date of the agreement and releases the parties from liabilities not covered by the agreement. Clause 6 emphasizes that the settlement agreement supersedes any prior agreements between the parties.


Clause 7 imposes a confidentiality obligation on the parties, prohibiting the disclosure of the agreement's terms to third parties. Clause 8 ensures that if any term or condition is deemed invalid, the rest of the agreement remains enforceable. Clause 9 confirms that each party has the necessary authority to execute the agreement. The jurisdiction clause, mentioned in Clause 10, specifies the jurisdiction in which any disputes will be resolved. Finally, Clause 11 states that the agreement can be executed in counterparts, with each counterpart having the same effect as the others.


In conclusion, the 'Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement' is a comprehensive legal document that aims to resolve copyright infringement and passing off issues between the Owner and the Infringer. It covers various aspects of the settlement, including acknowledgments, undertakings, disclosures, confidentiality, and jurisdiction.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement', follow the step-by-step guidance below:


1. Acknowledge ownership and infringement: The Infringer should acknowledge the Owner's ownership of the copyright works and admit that their actions constitute infringement and passing off.

2. Cease and desist: The Infringer must immediately stop any dealings with the infringing works and unauthorized use of the copyright works and other intellectual property rights.

3. Remove and deliver: The Infringer should take immediate steps to remove the infringing works from the market. This includes covering representations of the copyright works on locationworks with adhesive labels and retrieving plastic or paper carrier bags and promotional leaflets.

4. Surrender copies and provide information: The Infringer must deliver all copies of the infringing works in their possession, custody, power, or control to the Owner. They should also disclose information about the creator, commissioner, supplier, maker, and printer of the infringing works.

5. Cooperate and assist: The Infringer is required to cooperate with the Owner and provide assistance in any legal proceedings against the manufacturer of the infringing work.

6. Indemnify legal expenses: The Infringer must indemnify the Owner for all legal expenses incurred in relation to the settlement agreement.

7. Maintain confidentiality: Both parties should keep the terms of the settlement agreement confidential, except for enforcement purposes.

8. Ensure validity and authority: Verify that all terms and conditions in the agreement are valid and that each party has the necessary authority to execute the agreement.

9. Understand jurisdiction: Familiarize yourself with the jurisdiction clause to know where any disputes will be resolved.

10. Execute the agreement: Sign the settlement agreement in counterparts, ensuring that each counterpart has the same effect as the others.


By following these steps, the parties involved can effectively utilize the 'Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement' to settle copyright infringement and passing off issues while protecting their rights and interests.

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