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Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement

Intellectual Property Full and Final Settlement Agreement

Copyright Infringement - Artistic Works

Settlement agreement made between the beneficial owner of the copyright in original artistic works and the party who has allegedly conducted infringement of the copyright and/or has been passing off of the copyrighted works during unauthorised use. 

The Main Contents of this Document Includes

The owner has complained and threatened to sue the alleged party for copyright infringement and/or passing off and to avoid litigation and the alleged party has agreed to settle the complaints in this agreement. The alleged party acknowledges the owner as of the proprietor of the copyright and admits that their conduct constitutes infringement. The alleged party agrees to cease and desist dealings with the infringing works and would take immediate steps to remove or obliterate the infringing works.

How to use this Document?

If a settlement agreement is needed to be made between the beneficial owner of the copyright in original artistic works and the party who has allegedly infringed the copyright, this settlement agreement template may be used. 

This document may be used to address the unauthorised used, infringement and copyright of the owner of the intellectual property (artistic works).

The settlement agreement document may be of use to formally recognise the owner being the proprietor of the copyright works. 

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?

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