Divorce Petition

Consent after One Year with No Children

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This is a petition for divorce after one year of separation (usually by the Husband) with no children and mutual consent for no order as to costs.

It specifies that both parties were lawfully married at a specific jurisdiction in which the marriage is valid and recognised in the current jurisdiction. It specifies that both parties have cohabited at a captioned matrimonial home for a period of time, but now are domiciled in separate addresses within the same jurisdiction. It specifies that there is no child of the family now living, and that no other child now living has been born to the Petitioner during the marriage. It specifies that there have been no previous proceedings in any court in any jurisdiction with reference to the marriage. It specifies that no agreement or arrangement has been made or is proposed to be made between the parties for the support of the Respondent. It specifies that the Petitioner makes no proposals for financial provision for the Respondent if the court makes an order to approve and finalise the divorce application at a specified date (if neither party can produce a good reason to grant a divorce). It specifies that the said marriage has broken down irretrievably, and the parties to the marriage have lived apart for a continuous period of at least one year since the presentation of this petition. Lastly, it specifies that the Petitioner hopes for the parties to bear their own legal costs.

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