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Notice / Communication Letter of COVID-19 / Coronavirus Cases

To Residents of Building / Estate on Suspected Case

Coronavirus notice to the residents of a building/estate to inform about a suspicious case of COVID-19

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Document Description

Coronavirus notice can be used by the building management if any resident developed symptoms and were sent to the quarantine centre for further investigation. 

The notice outlines the protective measures taken by the building management for the safety of their residents and how the residents can reach out to the management for further questions.

How to Use this Document?

The management should mention the date on which the notice will be issued.

It should clearly mention the building name where the COVID-19 case had occurred.

The management can put the notice on display in all the common areas like lifts, loby, reception etc to inform all the residents and staff.

It is advisable to not to mention personal details of the concerned resident (name, apartment#) to protect privacy

Contact details of the management should be included clearly for communication purposes. 


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