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Booking Enquiry for Vacation Cruise Service

Reply from the Vacation Cruise Company

This document can be used as a reply to an enquiry made by the traveller regarding the vacation cruise service. It sets out the essential information about the brand and the types of the cabins. 

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Booking Enquiry for Vacation Cruise Service' is an important communication between a customer and a cruise service agent. It serves as a formal request for booking a vacation cruise and contains essential information for the agent to process the request.


The document begins with the account holder's first name, last name, and address, followed by the recipient's information, including the agent's name and address. The current date is also mentioned to establish the timeline of the enquiry.


The main body of the document starts with a polite greeting, addressing the recipient as 'dear sir/madam.' The customer expresses gratitude for the enquiry and proceeds to provide additional information. The customer mentions that an illustrated brochure is enclosed, which contains comprehensive details about the available cruises and tourist-class fares.


Furthermore, the customer includes a leaflet that showcases the available accommodation options. However, it is emphasized that the booking position is subject to change, and the leaflet only serves as a general guide.


The customer concludes the document by offering further assistance and expressing hope that the recipient enjoys traveling with the account job company. The closing is signed off with 'sincerely yours' and the account holder's first name and last name.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Booking Enquiry for Vacation Cruise Service' document, follow these steps:


1. Fill in the account holder's first name, last name, and address in the designated fields.

2. Enter the agent's name and address to ensure the document reaches the intended recipient.

3. Include the current date to establish the timeline of the enquiry.

4. Read the document carefully and review the enclosed illustrated brochure. This brochure contains detailed information about the available cruises and tourist-class fares.

5. Refer to the leaflet showcasing the accommodation options. Keep in mind that the availability may change, so use it as a general guide.

6. If you require further assistance, reach out to the agent mentioned in the document.

7. After reviewing the document and its enclosures, send it to the agent for processing.

8. Keep a copy of the document for your records.


By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the 'Booking Enquiry for Vacation Cruise Service' document and ensure a smooth booking process.

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