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Non Discrimination Policy Statement

Non Profit

This document can be used to draft a sampled templateBusiness Plan for Pitch to Potential Investors / Incubators/ Funders for NGOs. It sets out all the steps / milestones of the development of the business. 

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The Non-Discrimination Policy of the Non-profit organization asserts an unwavering commitment to fostering a fair, inclusive, and respectful environment both internally, within its administrative and program operations, and externally for the recipients of its services. We adamantly prohibit discrimination based on race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, religion, or any other status as prohibited by applicable law. This dedication extends to every facet of our operations, encompassing the entire spectrum, from the hiring and dismissal of staff to the selection of volunteers, vendors, promotions, transfers, compensation, benefits, and social and recreational programs, to the provision of services.

Moreover, the organisation does not knowingly provide grants to other organizations that engage in discriminatory practices in their employment, volunteer selection, or services to clients. It's mission is deeply rooted in establishing an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all—be it employees, clients, volunteers, contractors, Board members, or vendors.

The importance of a non-discrimination policy within an organization, particularly in the context of a non-profit, cannot be overstated due to several crucial reasons:

Legal Compliance: A non-discrimination policy ensures that the organization complies with local, state, and federal laws, as many regions mandate equal treatment and protection against discrimination based on various protected characteristics. It safeguards the organization from legal liabilities and potential lawsuits.

Promoting Inclusivity: This policy demonstrates a commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. It assures employees, volunteers, clients, and stakeholders that the organization values and respects individuals from all backgrounds, creating a sense of belonging and fairness.

Ethical Standards and Organizational Values: It reflects the ethical standards and values of the organization. Embracing diversity and prohibiting discrimination aligns with the moral compass and social responsibility of the entity, showcasing its dedication to social justice and equality.

How to use this document?


This non-discrimination policy should be prominently displayed on the organization's website in a dedicated section, such as "Policies," "About Us," or "Our Commitment." Follow these steps to use this document effectively:

1. Website Placement: Create a dedicated section on the website to house all organizational policies. Include this policy in that section for easy access.

2. Prominence: Ensure the non-discrimination policy is visibly placed on the homepage or in a menu that's easily accessible from any page of the website.

3. Clear Link: Create a clear and concise link or button that leads directly to the policy. Use clear language such as "Non-Discrimination Policy" or "Our Commitment to Equality."

4. Accessibility: Ensure the policy is accessible to all website visitors, including those using assistive technologies. Make it available in multiple languages if your audience is diverse.

5. Annual Review: Regularly review and update the policy to ensure it complies with current laws and remains reflective of the organization's values and practices.

By prominently displaying the non-discrimination policy on the website, the organization communicates its commitment to inclusivity, equality, and fairness to all stakeholders, including employees, volunteers, clients, donors, and the general public. This transparency demonstrates the organization's dedication to creating a respectful and diverse environment and adhering to legal and ethical standards.



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