Last Will and Testament

With Spouse and No Children

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Last Will and Testament made by an individual with spouse but no children. Give everything to spouse but if spouse died first, give everything to designated charity / in accordance with the laws of intestacy. The Will must be executed as a deed in front of 2 witnesses (some jurisdiction may require 3, please consult your local lawyer) who are not beneficiaries in order to be valid. Please inform your executors on where you are keeping the original Will.

The Donor of the Will appoints the spouse as Executor and Trustee of the Will, and if spouse is unavailable, unable or unwilling to serve, provided that there should be at all times one (1) Executor and Trustee of this Will, in the order of priority of a list provided by the Donor, as alternate Executor and Trustee. The Executor and alternate shall have all powers granted by applicable laws to carry out all provisions of this Will, may use provisions and procedures for the simplified handling of estates.

Immediately following the death of the Donor, the Executor and Trustee will be authorised to exercise all provisions of this Last Will & Testament and to use the assets from the estate to make necessary arrangements, without any unnecessary delay, for the following items:

(i) To pay personal debts, obligations, expenses of the last illness, administration of estate, funeral and testamentary expenses.

(ii) To pay inheritance tax (if any) in respect of property passing under the Will.

(iii) To pay, transfer, and assign the residue of the estate to the Beneficiaries.

None of the Executor(s) or Trustee(s) shall be liable for any act or omission of his or hers or for any act or omission of any agent employed in the administration of the estate or in the execution of the trusts hereunder nor for any act or omission of any co-exectuor, any co-trustee or any co-personal representative save and except for any act or omission involving wilful fraud or dishonesty committed by the Executor or Trustee or Personal Representative sought to be made liable.

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