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Top 10 Issues to Consider When Preparing A Will

A Will does not need to be legalistic, on any special paper, or signed and sealed by a lawyer. Rather than worrying about the legal language...

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9 Advantages of Having a Will

Creating a will is a simple legal process that can be affordable. We share the benefits of making a will and several templates for you to us...

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Free App to Create Will, Advance Directive and POA

DocPro is creating an easy to use App where people can make their own Will, Advance Directive, Enduring / Lasting / Continuing / Durable Pow...

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Why Did We Start DocPro?

As lawyers, we are always trying to locate precedents and templates online. When people are looking for documents, Google is often the first...

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DocPro Opening Offers

To celebrate the launch of DocPro, we are providing our members with numerous special offers (with Promo Code). Offer 1 – Free Membership w...