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Schedule of Medical Reports (District Court Personal Injury Proceedings)

Schedule of Medical Reports (District Court Personal Injury Proceedings)

Plaintiff acting in person (1 Defendant)

This document is a schedule of medical reports to be filed by the Plaintiff.


It lists out a description of the medical reports that accompany this document and is filed with the supporting documents alongside the writ.


This is served in compliance with Order 18 rule 12(1A) of the Rules of the District Court under Hong Kong law.


How to use this Document?


A schedule of medical reports is filed by the Plaintiff in support of their civil lawsuit regarding personal injury litigation. 


It is of the Plaintiff's responsibility to serve the writ/accompanying documents on the Defendant. Hence, the schedule of medical reports will be used to accompany documents on the Defendants.


The schedule of medical reports is served together with the Statement of Claim. The document includes the description and dates of all the reports. 


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