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Notice to Neighbour on Encroachment of Property

Illegal Structure

This is a notice to a neighbour requesting the removal of an illegal structure that is encroaching on your property.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This is a notice to a neighbour requesting the removal of an illegal structure encroaching on your property. It breaches the property setback requirements and is encroaching upon your property. A setback requirement aims to prevent a structure from being built too close to another property.

In the event of non-compliance with the request, the letter warns that legal action will be taken against the neighbour regarding the encroachment and the damages resulting. 

How to use the document

This document can be used to draft a complaint letter / Notice to an offender who builds an illegal structure, constituting an encroachment, resulting in damages to your property. It warns the neighbour that such a structure is illegal. It also threatens that legal action will immediately commence if the structure is not removed. 

When using the document, information to be filled in includes the name of the addressee, the location of the illegal structure and the deadline for the addressee to remove the structure.

This Notice should be sent before commencing legal proceedings as a means of mediation.


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