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Apology For Not Responding


Apologize professionally for delayed response with this template. Improve communication and maintain good relations with clients.

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Document Description

This is a template for an email of apology for not responding or delay in responding to an invitation. It explains the reasons for the late response and expresses enthusiasm in building further relationship with the other party in the future.

This letter of apology includes:

(a) acknowledgement of the delay

(b) reasons for the late response, for example, you were on leave/busy at work/overlooked the message; and

(c) expression of enthusiasm to build a relationship with the other party in the future by offering to meet in person/ meet over dinner/ expressing interest in the event/charity/business proposal.


How to use this Document?

You can use this template when your response is long overdue on an invitation.

You can customize the letter to suit your circumstances by choosing the appropriate reason for the delayed response and expressing interest in the invite.



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