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Activity Enrolment Form

For Individual Participant

Enrolment form for Individual participating in sporting / recreational /educational activities organised by the event/activity organiser.

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Enrolment form for Individual participating in sporting / recreational / educational activities organized by the event/activity organiser.

Questions relating to individual details, parent/guardian details, medical history (i.e.. chest/breathing complaints, heart/chest/blood problems, mental/brain problems, any physical difficulties affecting sight speech or hearing, and whether any medical treatment was sought for any other illness) are included. Also, standard declaration, condition of use and collection of and access to personal data conditions are included. Furthermore, it incorporates a declaration to abide by the rules & regulations which are 1. obeying the coach and respecting others, 2. agreeing not to talk and shout during training, 3. not wearing any necklace, bracelet, earring, rings and ornaments during training, 4. not engaging in destructive behaviour and keeping the place clean, 5. not engaging in hooliganism in the name of the organisation, 6. not engaging in bullying, humiliating and persecuting, 7. not engaging in slanderous and insulting behaviour, and 8. not engaging in sparring without permission and fighting.


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