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Unsure as to how to write a personal statement for university? Here, find a template personal statement suitable to draft applications to universities or graduate schools.

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Document Description

This is a template personal statement suitable to draft applications to universities or graduate schools.

Personal statement is a description prepared by a prospective student applying to under- and post-graduate studies. It is also a core component of university applications to UK universities as part of the UCAS applications system.

A personal statement is supposed to outline the prospective student’s motivations for applying to study a particular subject and course. It is also supposed to elucidate why you are applying to this particular university. It is also supposed to help you articulate what skills and experiences you possess which will help you succeed in the course or subject you are applying for.  

This template provides the prospective student to answer 10 comprehensive questions which will help demonstrate the student’s motivations for applying to their chosen course, subject and university. Including: 

Why are you interested in this subject and is there any particular area of the subject you are particularly interested in?

Why specifically are you applying for your chosen course(s)? (Is there anything about the course structure, any modules part of the course that particularly interested you in this particular course?)


How to use this document:

Before drafting the personal statement, you should research the course(s) you are intending to apply to. You should research items including the course structure, modules, and any qualities, skills and experiences you may need for admission to the particular course.

You should also research to find any word count, character limit or other limit imposed from time to time on your application.  

When writing your personal statement, you should write with a formal tone using proper English. You should avoid using any slang when drafting this personal statement.


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