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School Application Letter


Letter to kindergarten applying for school admission, with description of child’s current study and strengths.

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Letter to kindergarten applying for school admission, with description of child’s current study and strengths.

[I / We] cannot agree more with the [founding principles / missions] of <? echo $SCHOOL; ?>, [Name the principles / missions of the school]. Children are full of curiosity and <? echo $FIRST; ?> is no exception. With the ever-changing world, simply memorising facts and regurgitate them in exams is no longer sufficient to prepare them for the future. Everything we learn today will likely to be out of date in the next 5-10 years, which is why the key skill set to develop at an early age is lifelong learning. It is of utmost importance to maintain the interest and curiosity of the child in learning about new things. As Steve Job would put it - "stay hungry, stay foolish."


How to use this Document?

This letter should be used by parents to apply for kindergarten admission with . It explains why their child is a good fit for the kindergarten and he/ she embodies the school's mission. As there is very little the kindergarten can reference on the abilities of the child, it is more important for the parents to demonstrate their parenting skills and philosophies to the kindergarten in this letter.

This template can be used for application to primary schools with high reputations. This letter should be addressed to the principal / headmaster of the target kindergarten if parents wish to be given an opportunity for an interview. 

The parent should attach required documents for application for easy referencing, such as copies of previous report cards, award certificates and identity documents.



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