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Reference / Recommendation Letter for School Application

Kindergarten / Primary School

This Letter can be used a sample application letter for school admission. This is a Reference / Recommendation letter from alumni/parent of a school recommending a child to the school (kindergarten / primary school).

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Document Description

This Letter can be used as a format of a sample application letter for school admission. This is a Reference/Recommendation letter from alumni/parent of a school recommending a child to a kindergarten/primary school.

This is a reference letter recommending the child to a top school. A well-written reference letter assists the parent in convincing the school that the child is a good fit for the school and hence render the application process more smooth. 

The letter describes the parents' occupation/job profession and the mother's obligation in taking the chair of the child. It also discusses details about the family, such as child's pre-school education, Sunday school/church, academic achievements, choir commitments and sports.

The letter mentions that the parents are deeply attracted to the school education philosophy and open environment for students to fully develop their character, academic and academic abilities. The parents also think that they are well aligned to the school's emphasis on teacher-student relationship and home-school partnership.

The letter ends with a positive note and expresses gratitude to the school in considering the application

How to use this Document?

This reference letter is for the referee to use to draft their reference letter to recommend a child for kindergarten, primary school or any school requiring a recommendation letter. 

It details good recommendation for the child, in which this letter of recommendation could implement a school application. 

The letter can also be used as a recommendation when the child is placed on the waiting list. 


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