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Reference / Recommendation Letter for School Application

Kindergarten / Primary School

This Letter can be used a sample application letter for school admission. This is a Reference / Recommendation letter from alumni/parent of a school recommending a child to the school (kindergarten / primary school).

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Reference / Recommendation Letter for School Application' is a letter written by an individual to recommend a student named 'first last' for a level application at a school. The letter starts with a formal greeting and provides a brief introduction about the purpose of the letter. The writer mentions that the student's parents have expressed a strong interest in the school and have actively communicated with the school administration. The writer also highlights the parent's profession and their dedication to public service. It is mentioned that the parents prioritize moral education and character building for their children. The student, 'first', is described as academically strong and gifted in creative arts and performing arts. The writer emphasizes that the student resembles other successful students at the school and has supportive and open-minded parents. The writer shares their own experience as an alumni/parent of the school and expresses that the parents' values align with the school's education philosophy and emphasis on teacher-student relationships and home-school partnership. The writer concludes the letter by requesting the school to consider the student's application with priority as they are currently on the waiting list. The letter is signed by the writer, mentioning their job title and alumni/parent status.

How to use this document?

1. Begin the letter with a formal greeting and address it to the recipient, mentioning their name and job title.

2. Provide a clear subject line indicating the purpose of the letter, such as 'Level Application for First Last'.

3. Start the letter by expressing the writer's recommendation for the student and mentioning the interview that took place.

4. Highlight the parents' strong interest in the school and their previous communication with the school administration.

5. Briefly mention the parents' profession and their dedication to public service.

6. Describe the student's involvement in pre-school/sunday school/church/mosque and any relevant achievements or awards.

7. Emphasize the parents' focus on moral education and character building.

8. Mention the student's academic strengths and any awards or recognition they have received.

9. Highlight the student's talents in creative arts and performing arts, mentioning specific awards or achievements.

10. Discuss the student's involvement in sports and mention their interests.

11. Comment on the parents' supportiveness and open-mindedness.

12. Share the writer's personal experience as an alumni/parent of the school and mention the alignment of the parents' values with the school's philosophy.

13. Express confidence in the student's suitability for the school's all-round education.

14. Request the school to consider the student's application with priority as they are currently on the waiting list.

15. Thank the recipient for their time and consideration.

16. Sign the letter with the writer's name, job title, and alumni/parent status.

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