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School Application Letter

Primary School

Letter to primary school applying for school admission, with description of child’s current study, strength and list of extra-curricular activities

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Document Description

A school application letter (primary school) is a document expressing the interest of an individual’s application for admission. In this letter, an applicant usually highlights his/her experience and explains the motivations for applying to this school. The motivations may be linked to the school’s culture, teaching philosophy or other unique qualities.

This letter is crucial because it allows applicants to provide personalized and additional information that is not covered in the application form. Such a letter is also tailored to the specific school, providing opportunities to demonstrate knowledge about the school, in particular its values. As such, a well-crafted application letter may help the applicant stand out from other candidates.

A thoughtfully composed letter can indeed form a good impression for the admission committee. If you struggle with what information is necessary and deemed appropriate in an application letter, as well as the depth, this template is then a great fit for you.

As for the structure of this template, the letter begins with an introduction of the child's school life at the kindergarten. It emphasizes the close relationship between the child and his teachers and friends, the child's proactive manner in learning and further highlights the child's favourite or best activity. Then, the letter illustrates the extracurricular activities the child has joined during his/her leisure time, covering sports activities and music classes. The performance of the child in class or examinations is also mentioned.

The other part of the letter concerns the parents' reasons for applying this primary school for the child. The parents believe that the school they are applying may offer a desirable learning environment for the child to explore different things and be curious to new things. The parents understand that it is crucial for the child at his early age to have an open mind instead of merely delve into academic studies. Moreover, the school is renowned for nurturing high-flyers. Parents appreciate that the school may provide a solid foundation for the child to learn more advanced knowledge when he proceed to further studies in the future.

In short, this letter includes the illustration of the child's profile and an explanation of applying this school for the child. The parents look forward to a positive reply from the school.

How to use this Document?

This letter should be used by parents to apply for primary school admission upon finishing kindergarten. It explains why their child is a good fit for the school and he/ she embodies the school's mission. This template can be used for application to primary schools with high reputations

This letter should be addressed to the principal / headmaster / admission committee of the target school if parents wish to be given an opportunity for an interview. 

The parent should attach required documents for application for easy referencing, such as copies of previous report cards, award certificates and identity documents.



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