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Request to Employer / Company - Employee Training

Development Program for Employee

Internal request from employee / staff to attend external training / development program with costs to be paid by the company / employer.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Request to Employer / Company - Employee Training' is a formal request made by an employee to their employer or company to attend a specific training or development program. The document starts with a brief introduction explaining the purpose of the request, which is to maintain professional skills and stay updated with new developments in the field. The employee seeks permission from the employer to attend a particular program or convention, providing the name and dates of the event.


The document highlights the importance of the chosen program or convention by describing it as an excellent opportunity for development. It mentions the theme of the event and emphasizes the practical use of theory or equipment that will be covered in various presentations or trainings. The employee identifies a specific topic or session that is of particular interest to the employer, as it would be beneficial for their work.


The document provides details about the program or convention, including the duration, location, and suitability for the employee's level. It emphasizes the benefits of attending, such as gaining knowledge, networking with industry professionals, and improving job performance. The employee expresses willingness to share the acquired knowledge by offering to produce a report, give a presentation, or provide a summary upon their return.


The document emphasizes the urgency of the request by mentioning that the program only runs once per year. It acknowledges the associated costs, including the program fee and estimated expenses for travel, accommodation, and meals. The employee justifies the expenses by highlighting the value of the program in enhancing their skills or providing the company with deeper insights.


In conclusion, the document serves as a formal request for permission to attend a specific training or development program. It highlights the importance of the program, its relevance to the employer, and the potential benefits for the employee and the company.

How to use this document?

1. Provide a clear introduction: Begin the document by addressing the recipient, stating the purpose of the request, and mentioning the employee's position in the company.

2. Specify the program details: Clearly state the name of the program or convention, along with the dates and location. Highlight the theme and mention the practical aspects that will be covered.

3. Highlight the relevance to the employer: Identify a specific topic or session that would be useful to the employer and explain how it can benefit the company.

4. Emphasize the benefits of attending: Describe the overall benefits of attending the program, such as gaining knowledge, networking, and improving job performance. Offer to share the acquired knowledge upon return.

5. Justify the expenses: Mention the costs associated with attending the program, including the program fee and estimated expenses. Justify the expenses by explaining the value it will bring to the employee's skills or the company's insights.

6. Express gratitude and hope for a favorable response: Thank the recipient for their consideration and express hope for a positive outcome. Maintain confidentiality if requested by the employee.

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