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Complaint to Human Resources


A letter/email of complaint to Human Resources Department regarding the bullying behaviour of a colleague.

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A letter/email of complaint to Human Resources Department regarding the bullying behaviour of a colleague.

I was at my desk working when bully said bullying words / sent an email to me alleging that "bullying statement". A copy of this email is attached and marked A. I was very distressed by this email.

The Bully frequently commented on my background in relation to my race/gender/religion/socio-economic background/disability.

The Bully has consistently behaved towards me in a manner which not only inconsistent with nor reflective of the value of the Company.

I have tried to speak with the Bully privately to address the issue but he / she has been avoidant. On [date], we finally had a one-on-one meeting, [he / she] refuses to admit that he / she has conducted themselves inappropriately and bullied me. He / She claimed that I was the one reacting to criticisms too sensitively. The bullying behaviour have not stopped after the meeting. When I pointed them out, he / she said they did not have ill-intentions and refused to apologise even after I said their conduct was inappropriate.

The bullying has affected my self-esteem and made me lose confidence in myself and my abilities. It has not only compromised my ability to succeed on a professional level, but had a severe impact on my confidence and ability to feel comfortable in the work environment. Even though I enjoy my job, I believe that I cannot continue to work here if the bullying behaviour does not cease. This bullying behaviour is not conducive to a healthy atmosphere in the workplace, which has been felt by other members of the company/coworkers.

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the HR department

A letter/email of complaint to Human Resources Department regarding discrimination on the basis of race/gender/religion/socio-economic background/disability by a colleague.

This Letter should be sent to the Human Resources Department, if applicable.


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