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Complaint to Human Resources


A letter/email of complaint to Human Resources Department regarding the bullying behaviour of a colleague.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Complaint to Human Resources' is a formal complaint letter addressed to the Human Resources department of a company. The document is important as it serves as a means for an employee to report instances of discrimination or bullying in the workplace. The detailed description of the document can be divided into three sections: the introduction, the description of the complaint, and the desired resolution.


In the introduction, the document starts by addressing the recipient, which is the department of human resources. It includes the name of the company and its address, as well as the current date. The purpose of this section is to establish the formal nature of the complaint and provide the necessary information for identification.


The second section of the document is the description of the complaint. It begins with a salutation and a statement of the complaint against a specific individual, referred to as 'name,' who holds a position within the company. The complainant alleges that this individual has engaged in conduct that violates the company's human resource policy. The complainant proceeds to provide a detailed account of specific incidents that support their claim. These incidents include instances of condescending remarks, offensive emails, and discriminatory comments based on race, gender, religion, socio-economic background, or disability. The complainant emphasizes that this behavior is inconsistent with the company's values and has had a negative impact on their self-esteem and well-being.


The third section of the document outlines the desired resolution. The complainant expresses their desire for the issue to be resolved promptly and requests the assistance of the human resources department in mediating the matter. They state that they are unable to continue working alongside or being supervised by the accused individual. The complainant also mentions the availability of supporting evidence from a colleague who is willing to come forward. The document concludes with a request for acknowledgment of the complaint and information on the steps that will be taken to address the matter.


Overall, the 'Complaint to Human Resources' document is a detailed and formal complaint letter that highlights instances of discrimination and bullying in the workplace. It provides a comprehensive account of the incidents and expresses the desire for a prompt resolution with the assistance of the human resources department.

How to use this document?

To use the 'Complaint to Human Resources' document effectively, follow these steps:


1. Provide necessary information: Fill in the account address in the designated space at the beginning of the document. Make sure to address the complaint to the department of human resources of your company and include the company's name and address. Also, enter the current date.


2. Describe the complaint: In the main body of the document, clearly state the name of the individual against whom the complaint is being made. Specify their position within the company and explain how their conduct has violated the human resource policy. Provide a detailed account of the incidents, including dates, times, and specific statements or actions that constitute the complaint.


3. Explain the impact: Describe how the bullying or discriminatory behavior has affected you personally. Include any emotional or psychological effects such as increased stress, anxiety, or loss of confidence. Be specific about how this behavior has hindered your ability to perform your job effectively and maintain a healthy work environment.


4. Request resolution: Clearly state your desired outcome for the complaint. Express your preference for the human resources department to mediate the matter and provide assistance in resolving the issue. If there are any supporting witnesses or evidence, mention them and their willingness to come forward.


5. Follow submission instructions: Sign the document with your first and last name. Make a copy for your records before submitting it to the human resources department. Keep track of the date of submission and any communication received regarding the complaint.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 'Complaint to Human Resources' document to report instances of discrimination or bullying in the workplace and seek a resolution to the issue.

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