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Letter of Indemnity for Financial Institution

Fax / E-mail Instruction - Corporate Account

Indemnity given by corporate customer / client in relation to the risks of instructions given by e-mail / fax in relation to the account for investment / trading purposes.

We confirm that:

1. We are aware of the possible risks involved in or connected with the giving of any faxed instruction and have taken note of, and acknowledge our understanding and agreement to the “Important Notice” above, *which has been explained to me/us by <? echo $ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY; ?> and with whom We have an account/which has been given due consideration at a meeting of the Board of the Directors of this company.

2. You are hereby irrevocably and unconditionally authorised to act on or rely upon any faxed instruction which you in your sole discretion believe emanate from us or otherwise appear to comply with the terms of the mandate for the above account(s) and you shall not be liable for acting in good faith on faxed instructions which emanate from unauthorised individuals or in any circumstances whatsoever.

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