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Liability Waiver / Disclaimer / Declaration from Customer

Child Care

Liability Disclaimer / Waiver / Declaration by parent for use of child care services. This document enables the parent to release the child care service provider from any liability arising out of their Child's participation in any activity conducted by the child care service provider.

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Document Description

Liability Disclaimer / Waiver / Declaration for use by daycare centres providing child care services.  This document enables the parent to release the child care service providers from any liability for injuries resulting from their negligence. 

A robust disclaimer/waiver agreement typically includes different sections aimed at protecting the company/service providers against legal claims, such as:

  1. Assumption of risk i.e. the parent assumes the risk associated with the activity and is willing to take such risk
  2. Covenant not to sue i.e. the parent promises not to sue the daycare centre for any damage, loss, or personal injury to the child.
  3. Indemnity i.e. the parent agrees to indemnify the daycare centre for all claims that may arise in future.

How to use this Document?

If you are in the business of providing childcare services (such as a daycare centre) you must set out a liability waiver/disclaimer to the parents. 

The parents should sign the written declaration to acknowledge that he or she understands the inherent risks and claims involved and agrees to not sue you for past or future injuries or damages.


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