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Stock Loan Agreement

Exchange / Clearing House

Simple Stock Loan Agreement for the lending / borrowing of securities.

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Document Description

This is a Simple Stock Loan Agreement for the lending / borrowing of securities.

The Lender is desirous of lending stock and the Borrower is desirous of borrowing stock and they have agreed to enter into stock borrowing and lending transactions subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The contract covers deliveries of loaned stock, collateral, loan rebate fee and loan fee, termination by parties, dividends, distributions, etc, mark to market, return of collateral by the lender, cost and other expenses, events of default, the lender's remedies, the borrowers remedies, representations of the parties, miscellaneous, remedies, notice.

How to use this Document?


This document can be used as a template for a Simple Stock Loan Agreement for the lending / borrowing of securities. 

You may customise the template by including details such as the name of the Exchange in relation to the Stock Lending, the name of the Clearing House in relation to the Stock Lending, days given to pay loan fees after issue of statement, the rate of interest being charged, whether the Borrower will be waiving the right to vote in respect of any stock Collateral, and the notice period for the termination of the loan and return of loan stock. 

The document should also be signed in the presence of a witness


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