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This subscription agreement is for an investor desiring to become a shareholder / subscriber of the fund. It is intended to be for a non-US person to subscribe to the portfolio of a Cayman based fund. Anti-money laundering documents checklist and subscription form have been included as attachments.

The Subscriber agrees with the Fund, subject to the Fund's provisional acceptance, to subscribe for as many of the Fund’s Participating Shares, as the case may be, as may be purchased on the “Subscription Day”) at the offering price (as described in the Memorandum) as of the opening of business on the Subscription Day.

The Subscriber agrees to pay a subscription charge at the time of Subscription. Such charge will be payable to the Fund. The Subscriber agrees to pay such Subscription Fee in addition to the Subscription amounts due, and acceptance of the Subscription will be subject to payment of such Subscription Fee.

The Subscriber agrees that it will make payment in the amount of its subscription in accordance with the payment instructions attached hereto in time sufficient to be received in cleared funds by the Fund by a certain time on the last Business Day of the Calendar month immediately preceding the Subscription Day, or such other day as may be determined by the Directors in their absolute discretion. If the Subscriber subscribes in a currency other than U.S. Dollars, the Subscriber will bear the costs of conversion of such currency to US Dollars upon acceptance for subscription.

The Subscriber agrees that any Participating Shares hereby subscribed for will be held subject to the terms and conditions of the Memorandum, the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association of the Fund, and this Subscription Agreement and recognizes that the Fund will protect and indemnify its officers, directors and other representatives against liability to the extent set forth in the Articles of Association. 


How to use this Document?

The subscriber should: 

(a)      complete and execute one copy of the attached Subscription Agreement, offering to purchase a specified dollar amount of participating shares of a Cayman fund in respect of the segregated portfolio on a specified date at their offering price (as described in the Private Offering Memorandum of the Fund  and the Private Supplemental Offering Memorandum relating to the segregated portfolio;

(b)               submit the applicable Know Your Customer documentation letter set out in Schedule A and complete, execute and submit the applicable Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority self-certification form in Schedule C; and

(c)                send completed and executed copies of the originals referred to above to the “Administrator” no later than X business days prior to applicable Subscription Day, with the completed and executed originals to follow by mail.


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