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Fund Redemption Notice

Private Fund (Cayman)

A Fund Redemption Notice is a Redemption Request by which you may request the redemption of some or all of your Class A Participating Shares attributable to a Private Fund in respect of its segregated portfolio.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Fund Redemption Notice' is an important document that outlines the process and requirements for requesting the redemption of class A participating shares in a segregated portfolio of a fund. The document provides detailed instructions and information for completing the redemption request.


The entire document is divided into two main sections: 'Portfolio' and 'Redemption Request'. The 'Portfolio' section provides an introduction to the fund and its segregated portfolio, emphasizing the importance of the redemption request document. It also explains the completion requirements for the redemption request, highlighting the need for full completion to ensure acceptance.


The 'Redemption Request' section provides a step-by-step guide for completing the redemption request form. It starts with the instructions for submitting the completed form to the fund's administrator, including the option of sending it via email with the requirement of forwarding the original request immediately. The section also emphasizes the importance of timely submission, stating the deadline for submission and the consequences of late submission.


The document further explains the restrictions on redemption, including the concept of 'soft lock-up' and the minimum redemption amount. It outlines the redemption fees applicable based on the duration of the participating shares' issuance and the possibility of waiver by the directors. The document also provides information on the payment of redemption proceeds, including the redemption price calculation and the timeline for payment.


The 'Redemption Request' section concludes with a form that needs to be completed by the shareholder. It includes fields for providing personal information, selecting the class of participating shares to be redeemed, specifying the number of shares or the redemption amount, and providing details of the bank account for payment.


Overall, the 'Fund Redemption Notice' document is a comprehensive guide that highlights the importance of the redemption request and provides detailed instructions for completing the process.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the 'Fund Redemption Notice' document:


1. Complete the redemption request form: Fill in all the required fields in the redemption request form, including personal information, class of participating shares, number of shares or redemption amount, and bank account details for payment.


2. Submit the completed form: Send the completed redemption request form to the fund's administrator. You can choose to submit it via email, but make sure to forward the original request immediately. Note that the fund, its directors, and the administrator do not accept responsibility for errors in email transmissions.


3. Ensure timely submission: The completed redemption request must be received by the administrator before the specified deadline, which is a certain number of business days before the redemption day. Late submissions will be held over and processed on the next redemption day. Be aware of the cutoff time on the last business day prior to the redemption day.


4. Understand redemption restrictions: Familiarize yourself with the concept of 'soft lock-up' and the minimum redemption amount. Ensure that the net asset value of the participating shares being redeemed meets the requirements, and be aware of the applicable redemption fees.


5. Provide accurate bank account details: Double-check the information provided for the account to which the redemption proceeds should be paid. Make sure the account is in your name and provide all the necessary details, including the bank name, account number, account name, swift code, bank address, correspondent bank name, correspondent bank branch, and correspondent bank swift code.


6. Verify power and authority: If you are acting on behalf of an entity or as a trustee, agent, representative, or nominee, ensure that you have the necessary power and authority to request the redemption of the participating shares. Confirm that the shares are not subject to any pledge or encumbrance.


7. Sign and date the form: The redemption request form must be signed and dated by each registered holder of the participating shares to be redeemed. If the shareholder is a corporation or a limited partnership, the form must be signed by an authorized individual who should state their capacity.


Following these steps will help ensure a smooth and successful redemption process for your class A participating shares in the fund's segregated portfolio.

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