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Relationship Contract / Consent

One Off Intimate / Sexual Relationship

This document can be used as a Relationship Contract / Sexual Consent/ Friends with benefits contract for one-off intimate relationship with also serves as a confidentiality agreement. This document may be regarded as unenforceable / immoral and even illegal in certain jurisdictions. Nevertheless, this may still be used as evidence of the willingness of the parties to engage in intimate / sexual activities.

Both parties are desirous of entering into an intimate relationship with each other and they have agreed to the following intimate acts on a particular date for a period of time at a certain location. The contract covers - intimate acts, other activities, devices to be used, protection, escalation, accidents and mistakes, withdrawal of consent, privacy, mutual release, health and safety, costs, no rights under contracts for third parties, governing laws.

How to use this Document?

If entering or in a one-off sexual / intimate relationship, this sex contract template may be used as a template to draft a relationship contract that gives consent and confidentiality to the stated terms of the relationship. 

This document is for parties that are planning a short term / one-off sexual / intimate relationship, in which permission is provided for activities within their relationship. Hence, the document may be used to form an agreement on their status. 

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?

  1. Create Document: Click “Create Document” button and the document will be prepared with your account details automatically filled in.

  2. Please fill in any additional information by following the step-by-step guide on the left hand side of the preview document and click the “Next” button.

  3. When you are done, click the “Get Document” button and you can download the document in Word or PDF format.

  4. Please review the document carefully and make any final modifications to ensure that the details are correct before sending to the addressee.


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