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Workplace Romance

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Relationship contract / agreement between colleagues / co-workers on workplace romance to be provided to the employer in relation to potential sexual harassment or unfair dismissal claim.

The parties acknowledge that the personal agreement does not violate the Company's Employment Policy and agree to adhere to all of its terms. The parties agree that they are entering this relationship on a voluntary and consensual basis, that they will act professionally toward each other and not allow this relationship to negatively impact their work, that they will not participate in any decision-making processes that could affect each other's performance, review, salaries promotion, working hours or career, that they will not engage in public displays of affecting or other behaviour that might create a hostile work environment for others or that might make others uncomfortable.

How to use this Document?

If entering or in a relationship in the workplace, this workplace relationship agreement may be used as a template to draft a relationship contract that addresses issues such as workplace romance, sexual harassment, consent and conflict of interest. 

This document is for parties that are in a relationship in the same company / workplace, in which there may be disclosure / consent requirments about their relationship to the employer. Hence, the document may be used to form an agreement on their status with the employer's sign off on any potential issues such as harassment or conflict of interest. 

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