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Appointment announcement

Company Acquisition

This is an announcement letter to inform a company's customers and business partners that the company has been acquired by another company. The letter notifies the customers of any changes that may occur due to the acquisition.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Appointment announcement' is an important document that serves to inform customers about a change in company name or transfer of business. It is a formal communication from the company to its customers, notifying them of the change and explaining the implications.


The document begins with a brief introduction, stating the purpose of the communication. It mentions that the company has been acquired by a new company, resulting in a change of the registered name for direct debit processing. The document assures the customers that this change will not affect the service they receive, except for the name on their bank or building society statement for direct debits.


The document then addresses the customers directly, using a polite and professional tone. It informs them that they do not need to take any action and that the details of the change have been sent to their bank or building society. It also emphasizes that their rights under the direct debit guarantee are not affected.


In conclusion, the 'Appointment announcement' document is a formal notification to customers about a change in company name or transfer of business. It aims to provide clarity and reassurance to customers, ensuring that they are aware of the change and understand its implications.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the 'Appointment announcement' document:


1. Read the document carefully: Start by thoroughly reading the entire document to understand the purpose and implications of the appointment announcement.

2. Inform relevant parties: If you are responsible for communicating the change to other stakeholders or departments within your organization, make sure to inform them about the appointment announcement.

3. Update internal systems: If necessary, update your internal systems and databases to reflect the new company name or transfer of business.

4. Communicate with customers: If you are the designated person to communicate with customers, follow these steps:

a. Prepare a clear and concise message: Craft a message that explains the change in a simple and understandable manner.

b. Address customers personally: Use a polite and professional tone when addressing customers in your communication.

c. Provide reassurance: Assure customers that the change will not affect the service they receive, except for the name on their bank or building society statement.

d. Answer questions: Be prepared to answer any questions or concerns customers may have regarding the change.

5. Coordinate with the finance department: If the change involves direct debits, coordinate with the finance department to ensure a smooth transition.

6. Monitor customer feedback: Keep track of any feedback or inquiries from customers regarding the appointment announcement and address them promptly.

7. Update documentation: If necessary, update any relevant documentation or contracts to reflect the new company name or transfer of business.

8. Seek legal advice if needed: If there are legal implications or complexities associated with the appointment announcement, consider seeking legal advice to ensure compliance and mitigate any risks.

9. Maintain open communication: Throughout the transition period, maintain open communication with customers and address any concerns or issues that may arise.

10. Evaluate the effectiveness: After the appointment announcement has been communicated, evaluate its effectiveness in terms of customer understanding and satisfaction. Make any necessary adjustments or improvements for future communications.

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