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Notice of Appointment

Corporate Appointor

This is a notice of appointment addressed to third party informing them of the appointment of agent / advisor / representative, who will carry out certain acts for on behalf of a Company. This is drafted from the perspective of the entity making the appointment.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Notice of Appointment' is an important document that serves to inform the recipient about the appointment of a specific individual or entity. It is commonly used in business settings to officially appoint someone to act on behalf of the appointing party. The document starts with a brief introduction, followed by the main body that provides detailed information about the appointment.


The entire document consists of several sections, each serving a specific purpose. The first section includes the title of the document, which clearly indicates its purpose. The second section contains the content of the document, which includes the necessary information related to the appointment.


The content of the document begins with the mention of the account job company and its address. This information helps in identifying the company initiating the appointment. The current date is also mentioned to establish the timeline of the appointment. The addressee's details are then provided, including their address if available.


The main body of the document starts with a salutation, addressing the recipient as 'dear sir/madam.' It then proceeds to inform the recipient about the appointment of the appointee. The appointee's name and address are mentioned to clearly identify the individual or entity being appointed.


The document further states that the appointee will act on behalf of the appointing party and will have the authority to perform all necessary acts and execute relevant documents. The specific powers and responsibilities of the appointee may vary depending on the context of the appointment.


If applicable, the document includes a clause specifying the duration of the appointment. This clause states that the appointment will remain valid until a certain term, after which it will no longer be in effect. This helps in establishing the timeframe for which the appointee has the authority to act on behalf of the appointing party.


The document concludes by mentioning that the appointment is governed by the laws of a specific jurisdiction. This ensures that the appointment is legally binding and enforceable within the specified jurisdiction.


In case of any questions or inquiries regarding the appointment, the document provides the contact information of the relevant person within the account job company. This allows the recipient to seek clarification or further information if needed.


Overall, the 'Notice of Appointment' document is crucial for formally communicating the appointment of an individual or entity and outlining their powers and responsibilities. It ensures clarity and legal validity in the appointment process.

How to use this document?

1. Start by filling in the necessary information: Enter the details of the account job company, including its address. Also, mention the current date.

2. Address the recipient: If available, provide the addressee's details, including their address.

3. Begin with a salutation: Use 'Dear Sir/Madam' to address the recipient.

4. Inform about the appointment: Clearly state the name and address of the appointee who is being appointed.

5. Specify the powers and responsibilities: Describe the authority given to the appointee and the actions they are authorized to perform.

6. Include a term clause (if applicable): If the appointment has a specific duration, mention it clearly.

7. Establish jurisdiction: State that the appointment is governed by the laws of a specific jurisdiction.

8. Provide contact information: Include the contact details of a person within the account job company who can be contacted for any inquiries or questions.

9. Conclude the document: Use a suitable closing phrase, such as 'Yours faithfully.'

10. Sign off with the relevant person's name, job title, and company.


Note: This guidance is intended to provide a general overview of how to use the document. It is important to adapt the guidance to the specific context and requirements of the appointment being made.

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