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Appointment announcement

Appointment of New Managing Director

This is an announcement letter to inform a company's customers and business partners that a new managing director of the company has been appointed. It expresses excitement in welcoming the newly appointed managing director and wishes for greater success with these management changes.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Appointment announcement' is a formal announcement made by a company to inform its valued customers and business partners about the appointment of a new managing director. The document starts with a brief introduction, mentioning the company's name and address. It also includes the current date to provide the announcement with a timestamp.


The main purpose of this document is to officially announce the appointment of the new managing director and to assure the recipients that the company will continue to provide high-quality service. The announcement expresses the company's pleasure in appointing the individual, mentioning their name and the effective date of their appointment.


The document is addressed to the company's valued customers and business partners, indicating that they hold significant importance to the company. It aims to maintain transparency and keep the stakeholders informed about the changes happening within the organization.


The announcement concludes with a closing statement, expressing the company's willingness to address any urgent queries personally. It is signed off by the 'Account Job Company Team', indicating that it is an official communication from the company.


Overall, this document serves as a formal announcement of a significant change in the company's leadership and aims to maintain a positive relationship with its customers and business partners.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Appointment announcement' document, follow the steps below:


1. Fill in the necessary information: Replace 'Account Job Company' with the actual name of your company and provide the company's address in the 'Account Job Address' section. Also, update the 'Current Date' with the date of the announcement.


2. Customize the appointment details: Replace 'Name' with the actual name of the newly appointed managing director. Update the 'Date' with the effective date of their appointment.


3. Personalize the closing statement: Modify the 'Yours Sincerely' part to include the name of the person responsible for handling queries. This adds a personal touch and shows that the company values direct communication.


4. Distribute the announcement: Share the announcement with the intended recipients, including valued customers and business partners. Consider using appropriate communication channels such as email, company newsletter, or official website.


By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the 'Appointment announcement' document to inform stakeholders about the new managing director and maintain a positive relationship with them.

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