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Company Incorporation Questionnaire / Checklist

Fund Structure

Looking to incorporate your company for a fund structure? Our comprehensive questionnaire/checklist makes the process easy and stress-free.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Company Incorporation Questionnaire / Checklist' is a comprehensive checklist designed for the incorporation of a company limited by shares. It serves as a guide for acquiring information on the proposed structure and is intended for internal use only, not to be distributed to the public. The document consists of several sections, each providing detailed information on different aspects of the incorporation process.


In the 'General' section, the document covers various aspects such as the utilization of Amicorp for fund setup, the use of a management company, and the appointment of Amicorp as a corporate director. It also includes questions regarding the desired name of the fund and management company, the anticipated launch date, base currency, and the anticipated amount of assets.


The 'Investors' section focuses on gathering information about the expected investors in the fund, including their domicile, type of investors, minimum initial investment amount, and the anticipated number of investors. It also covers topics such as front-end fees, minimum investment amount for additional capital contributions, and the frequency of capital contributions and reporting to investors.


The 'Fund Fees' section addresses the payment of organizational expenses, performance-based fees, and basic management fees. It includes questions about the terms and payment frequency of performance-based fees, whether they will be deferred for tax purposes, and the type and payment frequency of management fees.


The 'Fund Structure' section explores the preferred legal structure for the fund, offshore jurisdiction, listing on a stock exchange, and the type of fund structure. It also includes questions about unitization for domestic LP or LLC funds and the existence of different share classes.


The 'Parties to the Fund' section requests biographies for all members of the fund's investment committee and seeks information about the sponsor and/or investment advisor's affiliations, prior performance record, and current advisory services.


Overall, this document serves as a comprehensive checklist for the incorporation of a company limited by shares, covering various aspects such as general information, investor details, fund fees, fund structure, and parties involved in the fund.

How to use this document?

1. Determine if you will utilize Amicorp for the setup of your fund or if you will use an outside attorney.

2. Decide if you will utilize a management company to be set up by Amicorp.

3. Determine if you will utilize Amicorp as a corporate director for the fund and/or the management company.

4. Provide the desired name of the fund, including two alternative names.

5. Provide the desired name of the management company, if applicable, including two alternative names.

6. Specify the anticipated launch date and the date of operations for the fund.

7. Determine the base currency of the fund.

8. Specify the anticipated amount of assets of the fund.

9. Indicate the investment objective of the fund.

10. Provide details on the investment strategy of the fund.

11. Specify the types of securities the fund will invest in.

12. Determine if the fund investment will be quoted or unquoted.

13. Specify the primary locations where the fund will make investments.

14. Provide an indication of the average number of trades per month and the average number of portfolio positions per valuation date.

15. Determine if you will require settlement and clearing services offered through Amicorp.

16. Decide if the fund will make use of leverage or hedging.

17. Determine if the fund will invest in 'hot issues' and if there will be a separate class of shares for ineligible shareholders.

18. Specify the frequency of the net asset value calculation.


These steps provide a concise and practical guide for using the document, focusing on key decisions and considerations in the incorporation process.

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