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Corporate Governance Framework for companies - e.g. roles of board of directors, management, committees, risk management, operations, compliance and audit.

Good corporate governance is crucial to sustain the Company in the long-run through the changing regulatory and market environment and an integral part of our business strategy. These principles are critical to growing the reputation of an organisation dedicated to excellence in performance and integrity. We strive to put in place a culture of corporate governance that facilitates fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency that permeates throughout the Company. The overall intention the Corporate Governance Framework is to ensure continuous performance improvement while meeting its governance obligations and, simultaneously, adhering to legislative requirements. This in turn fosters and maintains shareholders’, stakeholders’ and the public’s confidence in our Company.

The Board is responsible and accountable to the Company’s shareholders and stakeholders for the long-term success of the Company. The Board leads and oversees the management of the Company and our Directors are collectively responsible and accountable to the Company’s shareholders and stakeholders for the long-term success of the Company.

Board has established audit committee, nomination committee, remuneration committee, executive committee, finance committee, management committee, risk committee and the technology committee.

This document also outlines Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Division of Responsibilities the role of the Members of the Board of the Directors. It also defines what 'fit and proper is' and the governing principles (the corporate governance model) that the Company has implemented - ie risk management framework.

The corporate governance has three lines of defence including the first line of defence - Head of Division / Management,Business Unit, Front Line Staff / Sales, Balance Sheet Management, Treasury / Capital Management. The second line of defence involves internal control, risk management, compliance, chief risk officer and the chief compliance officer. The third line of defence involves internal audit, external audit and independent third party professionals.

This document also covers issues such as conflicts of interests and outsourcing, data privacy, harassment and misconduct, incidents self-reporting corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS) Reporting and Annual General Meeting.

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