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Hedge Fund Questionnaire

Perform due diligence on hedge fund managers with our comprehensive questionnaire. Evaluate their responsible investment approach with 49 questions.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The Hedge Fund Due Diligence Questionnaire is a comprehensive list of 49 questions divided into four sections to help companies or individuals evaluate hedge fund managers' investment strategies and identify potential risks upfront. The questionnaire covers areas such as the fund's investment objectives, strategy, and borrowing limits, as well as information on service providers such as the Manager, Investment Adviser, and Custodian. Additionally, the questionnaire includes questions on fees, initial charges, redemption fees, and expected fees of the Directors.

Overall, the Hedge Fund Due Diligence Questionnaire could be an essential tool for responsible investors who want to ensure that they are investing in the right hedge fund manager who aligns with their investment objectives and minimises risk.

How to use this Document?

1. Click "Create Document" button: To begin using the Hedge Fund Questionnaire, start by clicking the "Create Document" button, which will automatically fill in your account details.

2. Fill in Information: Follow the step-by-step guide on the left-hand side of the preview document and provide additional information as required. Please note that not all questions may be applicable to your fund, so use your best judgement to answer only relevant questions. For questions that are not applicable, provide a brief explanation for skipping them.

3. Answer Fund Questions: Answer questions related to the Fund, including the proposed name of the fund, names and addresses of directors, investment objectives, investment strategies, markets for investment, borrowing limits, voting rights, and other related information.

4. Answer Subscription and Redemption Questions: Answer questions related to subscriptions and redemptions, including the initial offer period, closing date, minimum amounts required, dealing day requirements, lock-up periods, redemption gates, and more.

5. Answer Service Providers Questions: Answer questions related to service providers, including the manager, investment adviser, administrator, custodian, auditors, and other related information.

6. Answer Fees Questions: Answer questions related to fees, including management fees, performance fees, hurdle rates, equalisation, redemption fees, expected fees of directors, and preliminary expenses of the fund.

7. Review and Submit: Review the completed questionnaire and make any necessary edits. Once you are satisfied with the responses, click the "Submit" button to finalise the document.

8. Use as Necessary: Use the completed Hedge Fund Questionnaire as necessary, such as for due diligence purposes or to provide information to potential investors.

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