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Due Diligence Checklist

Looking to set up a new company? Our KYC Checklist Template has got you covered. Get all the information you need, including proposed company name, authorised capital, tax undertaking, and more. Our Personal Questionnaire Template for Shareholders makes the process easy and hassle-free.

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Document Description

The Company Incorporation Checklist is a document that outlines the necessary requirements to incorporate a business in the Cayman Islands. It includes the company's proposed name and alternative, registered office address, proposed business activities, authorised capital, and shareholder and director information.

The checklist also details whether the company will be an exempted or an ordinary company, and whether it requires a seal or not. It also includes information on KYC requirements and attestation. To fulfil KYC requirements, shareholders and directors must provide personal questionnaires, government-issued photo identification, reference letters from banks and law firms or accounting firms, and company details such as a Certificate of Incorporation, Register of Members, Register of Directors, and annual reports. The document aims to ensure that all legal and tax requirements have been met and to facilitate communication between the company and the registered office provider. By adhering to the checklist, the company can be confident that it has met all the necessary requirements to incorporate in the Cayman Islands.

How to use this Document?

1. Proposed Company Name and an Alternative: The first step is to provide the proposed company name along with an alternative. Note that you can reserve a name for one week, one month, or three months before filing the incorporation documents.

2. Registered Office Address: The registered office address should be provided, along with the name of the registered office and contact details.

3. Proposed Business Activities: Provide information on the proposed business activities, which will not be publicly available information but is required for compliance purposes.

4. Authorised Capital: Mention the par value of the authorised capital.

5. Ordinary or Exempted: Indicate whether the company is an ordinary or exempted company. Exempted companies are not permitted to conduct business within the Cayman Islands except in furtherance of their business conducted outside the Islands.

6. Names and Addresses of Shareholders and number of shares to be issued: Provide the names and addresses of the shareholders along with the number of shares to be issued.

7. Names and Addresses of Directors: Provide the names and addresses of the directors.

8. Officers (optional) (specify designations and addresses): If you wish to appoint officers, provide their names, addresses, and designations.

9. Seals Required: Specify whether a seal is required or not.

10. Address for Communication: Provide the address for mail forwarding, invoices, telephone, fax, and email.

11. Express Service: Indicate whether an express service is required.

12. Tax Undertaking: Indicate whether a tax undertaking is required.

13. Attestation: Sign the checklist and confirm that appropriate legal and tax advice has been obtained, and that payment of fees and disbursements will be procured.

To fulfill KYC (Know Your Customer) Requirements, shareholders and directors should follow the guidelines provided in Schedule 1 of this document.

Using this checklist will ensure that you have all the information and documents required to incorporate a company in the Cayman Islands. The document is SEO-friendly, making it easier to find and use online.





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