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Finder's Agreement whereby the Agent introduces a transaction to the Principal in return for a Commission (Finder's Fee) upon the completion of the transactions. This agreement is drafted for the benefit of the Principal.

The Principal is seeking to acquire the issued share capital of ("Sale Interest"), ("Target").

The Principal wishes to engage the Agent to provide the services, and the Agent accepts this engagement and provide services to the Principal, all on the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing.

"Net Premium" means the net premium for the sale of the entire Sale Interest, calculated as follows:

A= B- C +D


“A” is Net Premium;

“B” is the total consideration for such sale interest ("Consideration");

“C” is the total assets of the Target as at the Completion Date as set out in the Accounts; and

“D” is the total liabilities of the Target as at the Completion Date as set out in the Accounts (excluding shareholders loan due from the Target to the Principal);

For a period of [TERM] days after the date hereof (or as subsequently extended by the Principal and the Agent in writing) (the "Term"), the Principal engages the Agent on an non-exclusive basis, to source independent third party sellers to sell the entire Sale Interest, and the Agent accepts the Principal's engagement.

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