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Statement of Claim (Court)

Dishonoured Cheque

Statement of Claim of the Plaintiff made to the Court against the Defendant containing allegations relating to a dishonoured cheque.

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Document Description

Statement of Claim of the Plaintiff against the Defendant relating to a dishonoured cheque.

A notice of dishonour was given to the Defendant. This declares that the court have become in the dishonoured cheque recovery process, requesting the defendant to pay up or go to court. 

Thus, the Plaintiff claims:

(1) A sum of money;

(2) Interest on the said sum from the date of presentment of the Cheque to the date of judgment and thereafter at judgment rate until payment;

(3) Costs.

How to use this Document?


The Plaintiff can file the Statement of Claim and deliver it to the Defendant in order to start proceedings against the Defendant for the dishonoured cheque.

This document should be carefully read by the Individual Plaintiff and Defendant.

The Plaintiff should sign and deliver the Statement of Claim to the Defendant.

The Dishonoured Cheque and the Sum claimed should all be clearly stated in the loan agreement.


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