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Leave letter to class teacher for absence from student

Injury / Illness

Absence Leave Letter - Leave application letter of absence from student to Class Teacher due to illness or injury from an accident.

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Document Description

This document can be used as an Absence Leave Letter and a Leave application letter from student to Class Teacher due to illness or injury from an accident. It can be used as a letter of absence from school due to illness by a sick or injured student. 

You are notifying your class teacher that you are submitting an application to request leave from school due to illness. You provide details of your symptoms, the duration of your illness and how long you are required to be absent. You request leave and you agree to provide a doctor's certificate upon your return, in addition to apologising for your absence.


How to Use This Document?


This document should be used by ill/ injured student when they wish to submit a leave application to the school. This letter should be addressed to his/her class teacher. 

Details of the symptoms, the intended period of leave and the duration of the student's illness should be provided in the letter. 

The tone of the letter should be apologetic for all the inconvenience caused to all related parties. 




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