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Letter to University for Postponement of Examinations

Coronavirus / COVID-19

This is a letter to university from a student seeking to postpone semester examinations owing to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Letter to University for Postponement of Examinations' is a formal letter written by a student to the head of faculty at a university. The purpose of the letter is to request the postponement of a specific examination due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The letter begins with the student providing their personal information, including their account first name, account last name, account address, account phone number, and account email.


The student addresses the letter to the university and includes the university's address. The current date is also mentioned in the letter. The student then proceeds to address the head of faculty directly.


In the body of the letter, the student explains that they are enrolled in a specific course and that the examination for that course is scheduled for a specific date. The student expresses their concern about the impact of the pandemic on their ability to attend university in person and interact with professors. They believe that this has hindered their understanding of the course material and that sitting for the examination as scheduled will not accurately reflect their ability.


The student then states their request for the postponement of the examination to another mutually agreeable date. If the student has a specific date in mind, they mention it in the letter. The student also provides their contact information and expresses their willingness to discuss the matter further. The letter concludes with a polite closing and the student's signature.


Overall, this document serves as a formal request for the postponement of a university examination due to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

How to use this document?

1. Provide personal information: Fill in your account first name, account last name, account address, account phone number, and account email in the designated fields.

2. Address the letter to the university: Write the university's address in the appropriate section.

3. Address the head of faculty: Begin the letter by addressing the head of faculty directly.

4. Explain the reason for the request: Clearly state the reason for requesting the postponement of the examination, emphasizing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your ability to attend classes and interact with professors.

5. Request a new examination date: Specify the desired new date for the examination if you have one in mind. Otherwise, request a mutually agreeable date.

6. Provide contact information: Include your account phone number and account email for the university to reach you.

7. Express willingness to discuss further: Convey your openness to further discussion and invite the university to contact you.

8. Close the letter politely: End the letter with a polite closing and your signature.

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